The SAGAWA coffee roastery was established by Mick Thornett in 2012. Mick started out life as a jackaroo on Haddon Rig Merino Stud, then worked his way around the country before qualifying as a pilot and taking to the skies crop-dusting across the state. Eventually, he hung up his hat in Forbes,  a picturesque township on the scenic Lachlan river in Central West district of New South Wales. There, he took to small-batch coffee bean roasting, just enough to supply his own cart to do the rounds of farmer’s markets, livestock shows and music festivals. The cart grew into a café on Forbe’s main shopping street, supplying thirsty locals with their morning hit of artisan roasted, specially imported coffee beans. Cannibal coffee shop soon made a name for itself as the best little coffee roastery in town. The word spread further afield – expansion was no longer an option, it was a necessity.

And so to SAGAWA, the descendent of Cannibal – both iconoclastic names for a brand (and a man) who claim “no bullshit” as his mantra.  “We make good, honest coffee – lovingly blended and artfully roasted – for people who put taste before fashion.”

SAGAWA – to die for.